Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability and the EnvironmentEnergy efficient double glazing can be very beneficial to the environment as well as to your home by reducing energy bills. We only offer the most environmentally friendly energy efficient products with  the highest in energy efficient credentials – we  seek excellence in every area of our business. Here at Secure Style, we want to ensure that the environment is protected and sustained for future generations.

Meeting European Environmental Legislation


  • All our windows, doors and conservatories are manufactured from virgin calcium organic material
  • Our foiled products use water based primer which eliminates hazardous solvents
  • All UPVC off-cuts (left over pieces of plastic) are recycled into other building products. Products which can be produced from recycled parts include:  pipes, gutters, electric cables,cladding, floor tiling, records, furniture, signs and windows.

When it comes to buying new double glazed windows or doors for your property, it is important to consider environmentally friendly features. Insulating your home productively will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint, as almost a third of wasted energy is lost through heating our homes. Furthermore, energy efficient UPVC double glazing will keep your home warmer whilst reducing your energy bills.

Contribute to a greener environment with energy efficient double glazing. Choose Secure Style and choose glass which has the best energy saving properties.